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the great dog trailer project, june 2005

My partner [and, as of November 2005, my fiancee!] [and, as of March 2006, my wife!!!] Melanie is a superstar with powertools and she designed and constructed a wonderful dog box system for us. Fitting all the dogs in the back of my Blazer was getting difficult and the new trailer works wonderful. I was initially concerned about the dogs' safety (them not being in the vehicle with me) but realized this was the best possible solution for our current situation -- and Mel made the boxes strong and secure. The dogs seem happier with this arrangement; they each have a nice cozy den in which to sleep the miles away.

Once the plans were drawn up, it was time to get cutting. Framing started out quite well.
Center dividing panels were notched to fit around the 2x4 framing.
Air holes were cut into each section and the panels were set into place.
All surfaces received a light sanding before they were enclosed.
The bottom panels were cut and attached with runners before the sides were attached.
Before doors were cut, the box was fitted to the trailer to establish the door spacing and trim location.
After it was fitted onto the trailer again, the roof sections (3/4" plywood) were attached.
With only two people available to load, we waited to add this last bit of weight until the end.
The construction phase was finally finished and the training cart proved to fit just fine.
We were both very happy to have gotten this done. It's midnight, the night before we were to travel.
A quick coat of paint, and everyone was ready to go!
Close-up of one box.
The completed trailer! The "Smiling Sammy" face is Mazzy's, traced from a photograph. :-)
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