Donnereign Garnet Frost WSX

28 january 2001 -
30 january 2010

talkative girl
Tess came to me in September 2002 when a friend could no longer keep her. She is a very active girl and extremely talkative, woo-wooing sweetly at the slightest provocation. Tess has a sweet spot for Jasper, although she is a dominant girl and I fear Jasper feels a little put-upon by her constant pestering.

Sadly, after a long up-and-down struggle with kidney disease, Tess left us.

She had been fighting chronic kidney disease since Autumn 2009. She bounced back nicely with treatment and had some extra months with us where she was her usual happy, bossy, barky self. The past two weeks or so of January 2010 she slid backwards and didn't respond to treatment.

I adopted Tess when she was a year and a half old. She was never a show dog but she was one of my early sled dogs. She vastly would have preferred to be riding in the sled however! She was quite the princess, content to boss everyone else around without doing any of the work herself. She would work when I asked her to but always with this look back at me that said "you know this is beneath me, right?" I hadn't run her in harness for several years but she always made herself known around the house, trying to keep everyone else in line. When we traveled to sleddog races, she was the dog who got to ride up front in the cab of the truck - no straw dog-box for her! She was a girl with a lot of personality and you always knew when she was in the room, either through her woo or her none-too-subtle bumps with her muzzle that said "pet me!". Ever the princess, she demanded your love.

Rest easy little girl.

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a rare moment when Tess isn't moving are you talking to me?
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