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This Samoyed Web Ring is owned by Ricq Pattay.
Feel free to email me at ricq@winterlong.com.

Are you a fan of the Samoyed? The breed with "Christmas in its face" is a wonderful dog and a great pet. A true working dog, Samoyeds can pull sleds, herd sheep, carry a load of camping gear and supply you with enough fur to make a complete wardrobe.  Take a tour of the Samoyed Ring and visit with the Samoyed.

Questions? Write to ricq@winterlong.com

Joining the Samoyed Ring:

To join the Samoyed Ring, your site must meet these criteria:

1: You must have at least one page about your Samoyed(s).
2: The page must have at least one picture of your Dog(s).
3: This ring is intended for owners of Samoyeds, not for commercial sites.
4. Litter pictures are permitted, but please don't announce puppies for sale.
5: Your site may not contain material that a reasonable person would find offensive.
6: The navigation bar must appear on the page you submit to the Samoyed Ring. If you don't want to put it on the first page of your website, then please submit the page on which it appears.

The purpose of the Samoyed Ring is to share our dogs with other people. You may see some sites with navigation bars not on the first page, because that was allowed when those sites joined the ring. That created too many problems, so from now on the code must be on the page you submit.

Important: You MUST have the navigation bar on your page, installed correctly, before your application will be approved. When you submit your site, you will receive a confirmation message from WebRing including the code for your navigation bar.

Important: WebRing sends the confirmation message to the address you told them to use when you signed up. If that is an account you don't check, you will not receive the message. If you are positive you didn't get it, I need to hear from you so we can track down the reason. Fortunately now that WebRing has taken over the rings, I can send you the proper code. Please ask if you need it.

Applications expire after two weeks if the navigation bar has not been added to your site.

Ready to join? Click here to be taken to the Samoyed Ring Hub. Click the button that says "Join This Ring" and follow the instructions there. If you run into problems, look at the help notes below. If you have any questions, please send mail to me at ricq@samoyedring.com.

Technical Help (answers to frequent problems)

How do I install the Navigation Bar?
When you submitted your site to the Samoyed Ring, you received e-mail that included the navigation code.  Please note that this is a unique piece of code identifying YOUR SITE on the Samoyed Ring.  If you simply copy the code from someone else's site, it WILL NOT work correctly!

Edit your site's page in your favorite HTML editor and paste the code in an appropriate place on your page.

Where is the code for my Navigation Bar?
WebRing sent a confirmation message when you submitted your site to the Samoyed Ring.  It begins "Congratulations! You have submitted your site ...."   At the bottom of that message is the server-side Navigation Bar (SSNB) code.  If you did not receive this message, check ALL your mail accounts; it was sent to the address you gave when you first signed up.

How do I put the code on my page?
WebRing links to a page that provides excellent assistance for most editors.

I have two sites.  Can I put them both on the ring?
Absolutely!  If they both meet the standards of the Samoyed Ring, they can both be on the ring.  Important Note: You need to submit each site with a different user ID.  Sorry that I don't know why, but that seems to be the only way it works.

I changed Internet Providers and moved my page.  How do I update the Samoyed Ring?
You need to log onto the WebRing site to manage your account.  Refer to the next paragraph for the information you need.

What is my User ID?  What is the Ring ID?  What is my password?
Your User ID is the long number in the navigation bar code.  The Ring ID is "samring."  Your password is whatever password you used when you signed up with WebRing.

None of this works?  Now what?
If you have a page that has been on the Samoyed Ring (or is on it now) and the ring elements aren't working -- and you can't fix it any other way -- then please let me know.  I am finally able to edit site information on your behalf. Please Note!  If you joined before Yahoo took over the rings in September 2000, you may need to use the new navigation bar after you re-join the Samoyed Ring.

A few words about Java Script:
The old navigation bar was HTML code, while the new version available from WebRing is Java Script.  Many people don't have javascript enabled in their browser, for a variety of reasons (mostly security).   You have the option of using HTML, but remember that you must be able to edit the code yourself.

Note:  All the explanations here are of things that worked for others in the past.  If they don't work for you, please let me know so I figure out why.

How do I reach the RingMaster?
Easy answer.  E-mail me at ricq@winterlong.com.  I check my mail frequently.

Will you help me?
Yes.  My goal is to have your page included in the Ring.

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