'with a star in her tail'

17 oct 1989 -
12 mar 1999

AKC: WG375822

laika and her squeak
"my heart has joined the thousand,
for my friend stopped running today"
richard adams, watership down
Laika was my first Samoyed and my first dog. Ever since I saw the photograph of a Samoyed in an AKC book, I knew this was the breed for me -- that smile, that plumed tail, that attitude that said "I'm ready for anything: fun, work, and by the way, feel free to throw your worst winter at me too." Laika was a gift from my now ex-wife. (How many of us have dog relationships that outlasted human relationships? Come on, raise your hand.) She wouldn't have lasted 5 seconds in a show ring but neither of us minded. She was my true companion, eager to greet me at the door and always up for a long walk or a game of fetch. At the time I was living in North Carolina and our winters tended towards ice rather than snow but we enjoyed the occasional snowfall, pretending we lived up north somewhere.

I built my first web page for her, starting me down a path that would lead to me doing web-programming full-time for money. I became interested in day-hiking with her, from which I found other fun things to do outside in the company of dogs. She taught me to not take myself too seriously, that the true priorities in life lie outside of school and work.

When she died suddenly, at the too-young age of nine, I was devastated. I had never known the death of a soul so close to me. She was my friend, my playmate, my little piece of winter in the seemingly endless summers of the south. I still miss her.

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looks like a big world out there puppy yummies let me out! laika's first home standing tall hi there! almost naptime
whatever it is, i didn't do it laika and her ball laika and her ball #2 laika and her ball #3 laika discovers slippers laika discovers sneakers now what?
aren't you going to let me out? who, me? first harp seal impression a good place for a nap lunch in the back yard laika discovers mud!
i'm too old for this on the back porch #1 too much fur! 'puter pook on the back porch #2 i'm coming, i'm coming! smiling bear
serious bear bath time laika\'s first cat, fudge hanging out laika's second cat, chiya laika and ricq and snow laika and chiya
sun dog hiding from thunder elyse and laika enjoy an ohio morning chiya loves laika on the road to ohio slippery stairs a rough night for miss bear
my squeak is in here somewhere laika and ricq what are you looking at? let's play still hanging out cozying up with miss bear harp seal impression
laika and her squeak all in the family cold night in the apartment digging in the snow in the kitchen laika in the snow snow bear!
what's over there? still digging in the snow b(e)aring it all feeling sleepy munching carrots under the desk listening to music soft fur
at my parents' a new squeak laika and her hedgie how to drive your dog insane in the cozies bedtime? laika and ricq #1
laika and ricq #2 laika and ricq #3 yummy noodles and still more laika and ricq elyse has something laika wants laika and her kitty laika and her squeak
vacuuming miss bear laika and ricq and snow more laika and ricq and snow time to wake up laika wearing her holiday bells another harp seal impression snoozing under the desk
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