'Winterlong's Ruff Diamond WSX'

29 april 2000 (?) - 11 july 2012
AKC: ILP156274

Jasper was my rescue Samoyed. He was found running loose, apparently abandoned, in a semi-rural area north of Minneapolis. He was picked up on a farm after killing a chicken! No one claimed him from the county animal shelter where he was housed and he was scheduled to be euthanized after five days. On the fifth day, St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue took him and fostered him for several weeks until I became aware of him through Samoyed Rescue of Minnesota. Jasper came home with me on October 29, 2001. While we don't know his history before being rescued, we estimated/decided his birthday to be April 29, 2000.

Jasper was a very affectionate boy and loved playing and hanging out with Tess. He was a good worker on my dogsledding team, always pulling hard.

Jasper, you were my rescue Sam and -- let's be honest -- came with some issues. I tried my best,
my squonky dog, but we both know you never really learned to fit in. Your affectionate playful
moments were always balanced with the "baggage" you carried. I know you were happy in harness
and you always did everything I asked on the trail, thank you.

Rest well, my troubled boy. You were loved.

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in the kitchen this is actually quite comfortable enjoying the day after my first bath sniffing the snow ready to play
ready for anything mud is good (mazzy approves) chewing finding the perfect spot rawhide is pretty cool i will not pick fights, i will not pick fights, i will not pick fights...
  i like this squeak!' jasper patrols the fence jasper's favorite ball in harness  
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