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sam jam!
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we have such a rough life but this tile feels cool it's mine, no it's mine! surveying the back yard let's run this way now let's run the other way jasper and mazzy
best friends mazzy, ricq, and jasper more tug of war can't catch me! what's jasper got? jasper and mazzy mazzy and jasper
follow the leader what, yet another picture? snow running snow chasing jasper and mazzy aftermath of the infamous 'feather pillow episode' cirrus says hello to the big boys
mazzy, cirrus, and jasper cirrus can't wait to grow up mazzy says: 'come on cirrus, snow is fun!' family portrait shade is good #1 shade is good #2 mazzy and jasper
cirrus and mazzy cirrus and mazzy, new best friends cirrus says: ' come and get me, old man!' look what i've got! kawabunga! our squeak is in here somewhere two very happy dogs
10 seconds of double occupancy cirrus and mazzy mazzy and cirrus mazzy and cirrus cirrus and tess ignoring their mud cirrus, tess, and mazzy tess, cirrus, and my poor carpet
mazzy and cirrus never let your dogs find your underwear mazzy chasing cirrus snow chasing more snow chasing mazzy, tess, cirrus jasper encourages mazzy and cirrus
tess, cirrus, mazzy cirrus, mazzy, jasper cirrus and mazzy cirrus and mazzy jasper and cirrus mazzy follows jasper mazzy gnaws on a stick while cirrus watches
cirrus, mazzy, and tess cirrus and luma lazin' in the leaves cirrus and luma luma and cirrus mazzy and cirrus chase someone's butt luma and cirrus
jasper and tess sammies in the setting sun cirrus, tess, and mazzy mazzy searches for tess\' stick cirrus and mazzy plotting for trouble tess enjoys taunting the boys
all together family portrait or police lineup? bone-crunching hour november snow brothers in mud mazzy and cirrus watch over calla cirrus and calla rest after their mud baths
mazzy and calla calla, mazzy, and cirrus calla, mazzy, and cirrus cirrus, mazzy, and calla tess, cirrus, and calla mazzy teaches the fine art of stick-chewing to calla
Lovely Melanie, Show-Dog Wrangler Extraordinaire Christmas Morning At The Farm      
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