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  • Where can I find a breeder of Samoyed puppies?

    You can find a listing of US and international breeders at http://www.samoyedclubofamerica.org/the-samoyed/choosing-a-dog/breeder-disclaimer/breeder-listing/. These are breeders who are members of the Samoyed Club of America or are known international Sammy breeders. There is no guarantee that people on this list are reputable breeders, however it is a good starting point.

    Please, please, please think long and hard before acquiring a puppy from a pet store or through the newspaper classified ads. Most, if not all, pet store puppies are churned out at an alarming rate with little or no care given to the animals' health or genetic suitability for breeding. Most, but not all, puppies in the classifieds are from "back yard breeders" who probably haven't given any thought to the health/genetics issue either and are out to make a few dollars on the side by breeding a litter. Please educate yourself and make an informed decision about your new furry friend. Check out the SCA's Puppy Buyer's Guide at http://www.samoyedclubofamerica.org/sca/sam_u/buyers_guide.html for more information. Remember, a bargain-priced puppy will most likely not be a bargain in the long run -- it pays to have healthy, sound parents from strong bloodlines.

  • Where can I find information on adopting an older (rescue) Samoyed?

    National Samoyed Rescue:
    Samoyed Club Of America:
    Wisconsin Samoyed Rescue:

  • How do you keep them so white?

    Bleach. Ok, I'm just kidding. Sammy fur has the remarkable ability to shed dirt. I've put completely mud-soaked dogs in their kennels at night and in the morning they'll come out white with a layer of dried dirt left behind on the kennel floor. Sometimes a bath or a blowing out of the coat with a high-volume dryer is necessary to remove any remaining dirt in the fur, you don't want dirt trapped against the skin by fur.

  • Do Sammies shed a lot?

    Typically, twice a year a Sam will "blow" out its undercoat. At that time the house will look like a small Minnesota blizzard came indoors and made itself at home for a while. It's important to groom them constantly at this point to remove all that undercoat. Left on the dog the hair can matt or felt and form a very dense layer of impregnable hair right at skin level. This traps dirt and moisture right against the skin and can lead to all sorts of medical problems.

  • How often do you brush a Sammy?

    Assuming the dog's coat is already in good shape (i.e., little or no matts or loose undercoat), I like to tell people you can groom a Sammy for 5 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week, or 2 hours once a month (depending on your comfort level) to keep the dog's coat looking nice.

  • Any other questions? Ask me!

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