'Donnereign Starry Jacinth WSX'

23 december 2001 - 08 march 2012
AKC: WS005296-02

cirrus at lead
Cirrus came to live with me in March 2002 from John Donner Sr.'s litter from Donnereign Par Raconteur ("Rocky") and Donnereign Joie Prevails. He quickly became the official "house pest", climbing the kitchen gate when no one was looking and constantly pestering Mazzy and Jasper to play. He settled down some as he aged but I think he never really wanted to grow up. Cirrus was the happiest and sweetest dog I've ever met, always glad to greet you with his tail wagging so hard his whole butt wiggled back and forth. Plus, he loved to howl and would get the whole gang going. I named him after the highest-flying cloud and we always liked to joke about how he always seemed to be flying high (wink). Besides being with his people, he was perfectly content to lay in the back yard and watch the clouds go by.

Every dog is special but sometimes one just works his way into your heart more than the others -- Cirrus was one of those. He had such a sweet personality, absolutely gentle. He was one of our classroom dogs whenever we taught a dogsledding class at a school or at the zoo and he absolutely adored all the attention from the children. On the trail, he wasn't the fastest or smartest but I could always count on him at lead to keep the team moving down the trail. I once paired him at lead with a highly-distractible youngster who was always finding something off-trail to chase after -- Cirrus would pull this girl back on the trail time after time, leaning with all his weight to keep the team moving in a straight line.

He developed a sinus/brain tumor in 2011 and we thought it would progress quickly but we were fortunate to have an additional year with him. The tumor finally won in the end -- as we knew it would -- and the time came to ease his passing.

Such a sweet, sweet boy... Rest easy Cirrus-Boo, we'll remember you always.

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in the kitchen mmmmm... crunchy! still in the kitchen ready to play i'm not really tired... well, maybe just a little nap
ok, i'm ready to play again yes, i'm cute playing at last so many toys, so little time got mud? come on, give me a hug!
what's a little more mud? just resting more mud! summertime snooze growing fast exploring
time for another nap frances says hi hanging out bathtime #1 bathtime #2 around and around we go
snuffling in the snow i went in my kennel, now where's my treat? resting in the shade still resting in the shade watching the other dogs bath time
that sidelong grin usually means trouble handsome boy there's no such thing as too much mud mud, mud, and more mud at home in harness leading the team
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